5 Elements of Composition in Photography


Our friends over at Digital Photography School has written a simple article that basically describes important factors of a great photographic composition. This is an often misunderstood topic that I cannot personally explain in simple terms. So I will let the intro to their article explain it:

Good Composition is a key element of good photographs yet is something that is hard to define.

Instead of looking at composition as a set of ‘rules’ to follow – I tend to view it more as a set of ingredients that can be taken out of the pantry at any point and used to make a great ‘meal’ (photograph)….

The key is to remember that in the same way as a chef rarely uses all the ingredients at their disposal in any dish – that a photographer rarely uses all of the ingredients of composition in the making of an image.

As I mentioned, it’s a great article that explains things in simple terms. It includes some example photographs that help to clarify the fuzzy topic of composition.

Read the full article: 5 Elements of Composition in Photography


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