A Photo Can Be Simple

"Reaching Skyward" by D. Travis North

“Reaching Skyward” by D. Travis North

A Photo does not need to be complicated.  It does not need to be comprised of every single compositional building block.  You don’t need to fill the frame, or correct for distortion or balance for color.  The colors don’t even need to be correct.

A photo does not need to strike up an emotion.  The viewer does not need to be moved to tears.  A photo does not have to answer a question, make a statement or provoke thought.

The sky doesn’t need to be blue, leaves don’t need to be green and flowers don’t always need to be beautiful.  People don’t always need to be smiling, nor do they need to be beautiful and happy.  They don’t need to look at you.  The building doesn’t need to be a landmark, it doesn’t need to have a unique character and it doesn’t need to look like it defies gravity.  Up doesn’t have to be up.

A photo can be simple.

In fact the only thing a photo must be…

…it needs to be created.


About Author

D. Travis North is a professional Landscape Architect, a Freelance Photographer and founder of Shutter Photo. Ever since he picked up his first SLR, his father’s Nikon N2000, he’s been hooked on photography. Travis likes to photograph urban environments, architectural details and has a new-found interest in close-up photography. His work can be found at D. Travis North Photography. Follow Travis on twitter: @dtnorth.

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