Cameras vs. Lenses – Which Are More Valuable?

Arthur "Weegee" Fellig Self Portrait

Arthur "Weegee" Fellig, A Self Portrait

Why is it that everyone spends so much time and effort evaluating a SLR/DSLR camera when the lens is far more important. Don’t believe me? Then why is it that the best lenses available easily cost more than most of the SLR cameras on the market.

Let me ask the question a different way.  If a professional photographer had to give up either his lenses or his camera for a lesser model, which do you think he would choose?  He will choose to give up his camera.  Why?  Because any camera that will fit his lenses will still allow him to make beautiful shots.  But the kit lens will be limiting no matter what camera its mounted to.

So again I jump on my box and state what I often have stated: When you are buying a camera, you are buying into a system. So when you are considering a camera, consider all of the lenses available for that camera as well.  The interface and feel of one camera means nothing if you dont’ like the lenses available.  And once you drop a few thousand dollars on lenses for your camera, you likely aren’t going to switch brands.  So do your homework.


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D. Travis North is a professional Landscape Architect, a Freelance Photographer and founder of Shutter Photo. Ever since he picked up his first SLR, his father's Nikon N2000, he's been hooked on photography. Travis likes to photograph urban environments, architectural details and has a new-found interest in close-up photography. His work can be found at D. Travis North Photography. Follow Travis on twitter: @dtnorth.

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