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Editor’s Note (Dec. 12, 2011):  As of this writing, it appears as though the site mentioned in this article has been taken down.  We hope that it will one day return, but in the meantime, it is unreachable.  To that end, we continue to house this article for archival purposes.  We apologize, but the links that were previously contained within had to be removed as they went nowhere.  

Generally, photographers are a pretty daring bunch. We’re not afraid of public humiliation. We’re not afraid to snap photos of people on the streets. Some of us are even willing to hang over rock ledges 1500 above the canyon floor to get the perfect angle. But I’ll admit, many of us obey the “No Photography” signs.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

I was recently introduced to a site called Strictly No Photography (SNP for short). The tagline probably explains the intent the best: “Photo-sharing for pictures taken where you are not allowed to take them.” What sort of photos can be found on SNP? Photos from within museums, government buildings, concerts and my favorite category: No Signs (one such is shown here).

SNP may not be the root of the inspiration for your next photo session. Then again, maybe it will. But you will find that time disappears as you’re browsing the site. Thanks to SNP, I was able to find photos of places I may never see (crypts, museums, etc), and I was entertained by the many humorous photos that come out of places where no photography is (allegedly) strictly prohibited.



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