Get Pushed: A World of Opportunity (Round 24)


With the start of Round 24, Get Pushed has been a buzz of activity. Challenges have been issued and many excited photographers are venturing out to take that bold step out of their comfort zone; try food photography, approach a stranger and ask for a portrait, photograph star trails; the list is absolutely endless. Featured today are three excellent photographers that have some very impressive  responses to the previous round.

The first photograph is one that will no doubt catch your eye. Diana Sussellman is an active member of the Get Pushed community. As you can see, with over 35 photos from different rounds and challenges, she has a knack of getting some great images. Diana was challenged to “Gather props, people, and brainstorm ideas of what would appeal to you as a final photograph. Create a scene and shoot it.” That may sound simple at first, but if you think about it, it’s a little more complicated!  It can be tough to think up an idea with props and people and a theme! I think that she came through with flying colors. A play on the famous “American Gothic,” her photo is titled, “Husband and Wife.” From the kitchen utensils to the hand drawn background and the textures, it’s fun image with an interesting tale.

Diana wasn’t the only photographer to get a great challenge! Sue F was issued a set of challenges to choose from, one being to shoot in “Golden Hour.” Golden Hour is a great time to photograph just about anything, with the warm light and soft shadows. She did a really fantastic job with it. I loved the contrast of the wheat in focus with the blurred background of the hills. It’s really a nice piece of work, and only one in her growing archive of shots from the group.

"Me" by Rich Levine

“Me” by Rich Levine

Last but not least, we have an intriguing photograph by Rich Levine. This is the kind of photograph that makes me stop and wonder. If you read Rich’s description, this is a young Borrower who “sees herself in a full length mirror for the first time.” Rich was issued the following challenge: “Inspired by this photo of yours, please miniaturize again one of your grandchildren involving reflection and/or bokeh in the shot.” I think it turned out to be really great. It’s cute, and with an interesting story embedded into it. You can see more of Rich’s Images from “Get Pushed” here. 

As you can see Get Pushed is a pool of opportunity for any photographer to grow and expand their comfort zone. If you’re not quite ready to jump full time into a round, we’ve got a fix for that! Jump into the Rolling Challenge! It works the same way, simply issue a challenge to the person before you and then someone else will come along behind. And if you’re ready for the full challenge, sign up for Round 26! The sign up thread is open until September 9th! So come and join us! This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!


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