Get Pushed: Hard Work, Fun Results (Round 25)


September was a busy month for the members of “Get Pushed!” There were a lot of impressive photos submitted to the group pool and it was a tough challenge picking some of the best ones to be featured. Nonetheless, we have three! These are from three different photographers that all have a creative eye. So without further ado, we present the featured photos from “Get Pushed: Round 25!”

First, we have the above photo by Shanne. She was challenged “to take an abstract photo while pointing the camera more or less straight up. You can do anything you want for subject matter or post processing. ” Interesting, isn’t it? Think of what you might come up with were you offered the same challenge! Look up? Up where? Power lines? Clouds? Trees? Buildings? The possibilities are endless, and to be honest it requires a bit of creative thinking to come up with something unique. As you can see, she came up with something pretty cool! Vibrant colors, bold lines, it’s all unique and very creative!

Next we have the Cookie Splashdown by Doug Mall. Doug is a longtime member of the Get Pushed group! Most people know that splashes are challenging, but very fun! Doug was given the challenge to do a cookie splash. Immediately upon receiving the challenge, thoughts of different brands of cookies, and what to splash them in flooded his mind.  He experimented with different containers and different shaped cookies.  Doug came up with a winning combination – cookies, milk and a camera lens mug all added to the mix for a fun shot that  really added a new twist to the splash photo genre.

Our third photo, Five A Day (below),  is a photograph that had a lot of work put into it. Photographer Ivor Potter was challenged to use an  article from PetaPixel, which discusses tricks of food stylists, to  enhance the appeal of some type of food. He chose fruit! Using vegetable oil to add extra shine, he arranged the fruit on the board and utilized a flash and softbox for extra lighting. The result is very well done and shows the hard work that he put into the photograph.


As you can see, challenges from Get Pushed can range from tough to fun. Some are a lot of work, others are easy to accomplish, but require a lot of thinking. Some will require you to do something hard, (like talk to strangers) and others will ask for something a little easier. The range is wide and the possibilities are endless. Come and join us!


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I'm a photographer living in the rural areas of West Tennessee. I enjoy landscape work and portraits. I also enjoy experimental work with studio lighting and external flash. You can find me on Flickr and Google+.

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