Get Pushed: Introduction – A Source Of Inspiration

"Algonquin - Rain Clouds Coming" by Marie Sharp (Leslie)

Algonquin – Rain Clouds Coming” by Leslie Abram (Marie Sharp)

Editor’s Note:  This is the first installment of a new regularly monthly feature here at Shutter Photo.  Earlier in the year, we introduced you to a Flickr Sub-Culture, a source of inspiration in the form of a Flickr Group called Get Pushed.  Well, we love the group so much, we wanted to give it a regular feature here.  Moving forward, through the observations of group organizers Rachel Melton and James Warwood, we hope to bring you some great selections from the group to inspire you and maybe encourage you to get involved as well.  

Enthusiasm and excitement reign in a corner of the Flickr universe.

Filled with over 800 members, and still growing, Get Pushed is a fun Flickr Group for those who wish to venture out of their comfort zone. And for most, they will keep coming back for more. Everyone has an inner desire to do something crazy – to have an enormous amount of fun, and to try something new. The problem is that we often don’t know where to start. But that’s not a problem anymore! Here’s how we work.

Let me start by saying that it’s a very simple process. Lots of times things get complicated, and that can turn people off. We don’t want to turn people off. So Get Pushed is made to be simple! We run by a schedule that operates on the same dates each month. You add your name to the sign up list, and in a week or two, you’ll be paired with another photographer somewhere in the world who also signed up for a challenge! Each person then browses the photostream of the other, and comes up with a challenge for their partner. These challenges range from self portraits to night shots, to sunsets, to more complicated techniques. The possibilities are endless!

"Waiting For You" by Julie Daniels (JeezyDeezy)

Waiting For You” by Julie Daniels (JeezyDeezy)

Some of the photos from the Get Pushed group tell a story that is filled with interest and emotion. For example, in Round 23, one member was challenged with the following:

I am thinking landscape or cityscape with a twist. As I have seen you know your way around editing software: make it a selective colour shot, so a mono shot with maximum 3 colours (preferably less and only primary colours if you want to earn bonus points pulling in some attention.

This is typical of a Get Pushed challenge! It’s interesting and unique – not to mention….challenging.  However, Julie came up with a response which I think did an excellent job of representing the challenge in true style! This is her photo. As you can see, it’s quite an interesting image! The shadow of stairs to the left add a sense of moodiness, while the grunge wall adds texture and interest. The balloon is a pop of color in a dark, gray world, and it makes me wonder what happened to its owner? It’s tied to the children’s fountain, so did the child simply walk off and leave the balloon? Or perhaps something more sinister is entwined within this web of thought. Whatever her plan for the photo, it turned out wonderfully, and is only one of the excellent images to have emerged from the Get Pushed photo pool.

"London Big Ben" by Shreya (Shreya59)

London Big Ben” by Shreya (Shreya59)

From friendly discussions, to games, rolling challenges and just plain fun, Get Pushed is the place to be. That is if you want to have a great time, make new friends and learn more in the world of photography. So come on over and join us! Filled with energy and interest, Get Pushed is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!



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