Get Pushed Round 27: Featuring Ken Harris


Last month in the Get Pushed group, we had an excellent round. Already, the photographers are preparing for the holidays and many of them are still working away at new challenges. One photo that stood out from the last round of photographs was this image by Ken Harris, titled On Golden Pond, Aka: The Eye Of The Huricane…:

On Golden Pond aka The Eye of the Hurricane by Ken Harris on Flickr

I asked Ken to tell us a bit about how he took the photo and what his thoughts were on it. Here is his response.

SP: Could you describe for us how you set up the shot & what equipment you used?

Ken:  I set up the camera on one tripod and the flash on another. A third tripod was set on the island countertop with a baggie of water clamped to it. The flash was bounced off a piece of colored paper mounted behind the bowl/pan of water so it bounced from the back of the drops. A small pinhole was punched in the bottom of the baggie and the drips started coming. I found that the flash had to be powered down to between ¼ and 1/8 to not blow out the picture. Getting the timing down was challenging but I got better with that as time went on. On Golden Pond AKA the Eye of the Hurricane, settings were 1/200, f/14, ISO 100, using a Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS USM macro lens. The camera was a Canon 5D Mark II.

SP: Was the shot colorized later or was there color in the pan that you used?

Ken: The crème colored pan and the yellow bounce paper created the color. I did boost the saturation to get a richer golden tone.

SP: What was your initial reaction to the challenge? 

Ken: I had always wanted to do some splash photography so it was the motivation required. I had no idea by the time I started trying to figure everything out that 6 hours would elapse before success was reached in my mind’s eye.

SP: How long have you been into photography?

Ken: The short answer is since junior high when I was the photo editor for our school newspaper. For many years I was photo editor for the American Hosta Society. That re-sparked an interest that has me now itching to get out and shoot as often as possible. The folks I have met through Flickr have also been truly a wonderful inspiration.

SP: How do you think Get Pushed helps you to loosen up some in photography and get out of your comfort zone? 

Ken: There is always a little trepidation awaiting the challenge which in itself is uncomfortable. We all have our favorite types of photography and it seems that the ‘Get Pushed’ folks seem to find the holes with great regularity. Discomfort is all good as the kids say and is why I continue to participate.

As you can see, Get Pushed remains an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to improve and broaden their range of skills. Often the challenges are unique and interesting – pushing the photographer to  new levels. Come and join us!



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