Get Pushed Round 28: Featuring Diana Sussellman


Round 28 of Get Pushed did very well, wrapping up yet another fun round for the group. Many challenges were completed with flying colors, but Diana Susselman contributed a wonderful photo to the group that begged to be recognized. We’ve asked Diana to tell us how she managed this round.


3911 by Di’s Eyes (Diana Susselman) on Flickr.


SP: Could you tell us a bit about how you thought of doing the challenge in this particular way?

Diana: When challenged to do a dutch tilt, with extra points if it was Film Noire; I Googled it and saw the images for Dutch Tilt there.

My first idea was to try and get a speed boat coming at me at a tilt to enhance the feeling of speed and danger. While I did get many shots of speed boats in the bay in front of my house, none of them were what I wanted as, because I needed to use a zoom to get close to the boat.  The other side of the bay was pulled forward by the telephoto and spoiled the shot.

So I went back and looked at the images again to get another idea and amongst the many images there I saw a similar shot to the one I ended up with and realized I could emulate it in my back hallway.

SP: The long, dark, narrow hallway in the shot adds a sense of uneasiness to the image. Was the hall originally that dark, or was that a special effect added later?

Diana: The hall is long and I waited until dark to take the shot. I turned off all the house lights and the only light came from the outside lamp next to the back door. No special effects. I dropped the exposure a tad to sharpen it up a bit and added a bit of contrast and sharpening as well.

SP: What was your initial reaction to the challenge given you?

Diana: My initial reaction to the challenge was that would be fairly easy to do and that no way was I going to do the film noire version. I thought I could always fall back on doing a building.

SP: How long did it take you to get the shot that you wanted with this setup?

Diana: I spent much longer trying to get a boat shot than I did on this one.
I was my own model and I used a very long exposure, and I had to run back and forth a lot. But I took about 12 shots and it took me about 20 mins. The one I used ended up being about the 4th one I took. The first couple I scrapped because you could see things on the wall and doors etc. But once I adjusted those out the next shots were usable.

SP: How to you think “Get Pushed” helps you to loosen up some in photography and get out of your comfort zone into new things?

Diana: I like being pushed a lot. Some of the challenges have really opened me up to stuff I would never have done otherwise. But a few of the challenges have also ended up being very onerous and not so much fun. But I think I learned from everyone of them, and the fun challenges far outweigh the not fun ones.

As you can see, Get Pushed is a group that is adaptable for nearly anyone. No matter what setup you have, or what camera you shoot, there’s a place for you! Join here! 



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