Get Pushed Round 32: Featuring Neil Pascual


For Round 32 of Get Pushed, we feature an outstanding image by Neil Pascual. Neil is a long time member of the group and has many other great images in his photostream. The thing that made this image stand out to us more than the others was the pop of color and the high contrast in the grayscale image. It’s a great shot – one of many that Neil has added to the group! We’ve asked Neil a few questions about his process in taking the shot.

Metropolitan Library (86) by NeilPas on Flickr

Metropolitan Library (86) by NeilPas on Flickr

SP: First of all, the photo has a nice level of sharpness to it. Did you use a tripod for the shot?

Neil: No, I didn’t use a tripod for the shot – there was a convenient post to set the camera upon.

SP: Was the shot taken from near the ground or at eye level?

Neil: It was taken very near ground level….if not for the shrubbery, I may have tried a PoV from the sidewalk ledge.

SP: How did you manage to get a city architecture shot with no people in it?

Neil: This is early in the morning, thus crowds haven’t shuffled in yet. 

SP: How do you think “Get Pushed” helps you to loosen up some in photography and get out of your comfort zone into new things?

Neil: I often get into photographic ruts, taking much of the same style….getting someone to “push” me out of my comfort zone is allowing myself to work with their photographic ideas or styles. It is also like having a workout partner…. meaning, someone you are accountable to in accomplishing a goal.

Thanks for answering our questions, Neil! Congratulations on a very nice image!

If you would like to become a part of Get Pushed, you can join us here! You’ll be just in time, as we are now signing up for Round 34! 


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