Get Pushed Round 34: Featuring Niall McCracken


For Round 34, we’re featuring a beautiful image, Soft Pink, by Niall McCracken. Niall was challenged to “find a pretty pink flower.” The low angle of the flowers and the bokeh in the background provides for an interesting and very pretty image. We’ve asked Niall to tell us a bit about his process in shooting this photo.

"Soft Pink" by Niall McCracken

“Soft Pink” by Niall McCracken

SP: The depth of field in your photo is really nice. Could you tell us what camera and lens setup you used?

Niall: I use a Lumix g2 with a standard kit lens (14-42mm I think!).

SP: What made you shoot at eye level with the flowers? 
Niall: I love shooting from unusual angles – but for this photo it was quite easy as this plant grows in a raised bed on the edge of our lawn so I only had to kneel down to shoot it – not crawl through the mud or anything!

SP: Could you tell us a bit about your post processing for this shot? Did you do any photoshopping? 
Niall: I tinkered with it a little, I cropped it quite heavily and darkened the centre fractionally. I then applied a light mask for contrast and added a vignette border which I lightened to try and even out the darkness.

SP: The image is almost in a square crop, which is something that doesn’t always work with images. However, I think that it does work with this one. What gave you the idea to crop it in the way that you did?

Niall: No particular reason for the square crop – I’m just a fan of square photos, I love the symmetry, I think it’s a really easy way to make a photo stand out.

SP: In your experience with Get Pushed, how do you think the group helps you to loosen up some in photography and get out of your comfort zone into new things?

Niall: I used to sat in my bedroom and played guitar for about three years, but then I went to uni and joined a band. I learnt a lot more about playing guitar in the first 6 weeks of that band than all the bedroom practices combined! I think get pushed is like that – it pushes you way out of your comfort zone and makes you consider things you were probably blind to. Theres no way that can’t make you a better photographer! The photos in the group definitely reflect that pioneer spirit; you can see the thought and attention and creativity that goes into every photo – and it makes a photo a million times better when you can understand the context behind it.

Thanks, Niall for agreeing to answer our questions!

You can check out the rest of Niall’s photostream here. Don’t forget to stop by Get Pushed, as sign up has now started for Round 36!


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