Get Pushed Round 36: Featuring Shawn Ducharme


From Round 36 of Get Pushed, we bring you a unique and interesting image by Shawn Ducharme. The negative space in the image as well as the black and white coloring leads to a photo with a good amount of balance and symmetry. He has also agreed to answer some questions for us about how he took the image.


SP: The fact that the forks are balancing the egg is something very different! Did the egg stay where it was on its own or did it require some extra help?

Shawn: Not really. I just had to be really careful balancing it. The forks naturally seemed to hold the egg in place.

SP: What kind of camera/lens setup were you using for this photo?

Shawn: I shot this image with a Canon t4i and my Lens was a EF50mm f/1.8 II

SP: What was involved in the post processing of the image? 

Shawn: Mostly camera raw to turn up the blacks. Then I used Photoshop to change it to black and white using adjustment layer with channel mixer to control the light from being too over exposed.

SP: In the comments, you mentioned something about using light painting for the shot. How did that work, exactly?

Shawn: Well, the light painting technically was fairly simple. I pretty much tried just moving my hid light in every direction I could see a shadow to have to “shadowless” effect. I just made sure every angle and area was lit in an even manner, nice steady even flow of light. I tried 2 external lights with umbrellas and even a few shots with a bounce flash but nothing gave me a result like using light painting.

SP: In your experience with Get Pushed, how do you think the group has helped you to loosen up some in photography and get out of your comfort zone into new things?

Shawn: Absolutely! I am fairly new to photography and the challenges come in all shapes and sizes. It really depends how much time, effort, and thought you put into it determines how much you grow from it. And challenging others is great too! You explore new ideas from the people you meet as well as challenge them on ideas you see they are lacking. It is a wonderful group and the opportunity to meet new people and have great experiences with fellow photographers!

Shawn, thanks for allowing us to use your image and answering the questions we had for you! Be sure to check out Shawn’s photostream as well!



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I'm a photographer living in the rural areas of West Tennessee. I enjoy landscape work and portraits. I also enjoy experimental work with studio lighting and external flash. You can find me on Flickr and Google+.

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