Get Pushed: Use Your Imagination (Round 26)


Mark Twain once said,”You cannot depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus.” Many times, as photographers we take photographs that lack imagination.We take a technically correct photograph, and lots of times it results in a beautiful image! But the imagination is lacking. The heart and feeling that is poured into some of our images is gone in others. Today, three images are featured from three photographers in Get Pushed.  These photographers used their imagination to create images that might have been hard to make. They required extra work. They required some imagination.

Day 208 – Push 26 – Candid by JTPhoto2010 on Flickr

Our first photo is featured courtesy of JTPhoto2010. John has been a member of Get Pushed for a while and does a very nice job with his challenges! This photo really says a lot! He had a nice angle and did an excellent job of showing the girl’s expression. You can let your imagination loose with the rest. What was she thinking? How did it come about? What were the circumstances? John took a photo in an area where there were probably more people around. This can be an awkward thing to do! But he went ahead and did it anyway, capturing a beautiful moment forever. He used his imagination to capture something truly special.

Red Umbrella by Jonathan Kos-Read on Flickr.

The next photo is an excellent piece of work by Jonathan Kos-Read. This is clearly a shot that took some imagination. He either had his camera down on the ground, or he was down there with it. I’ve done something similar at times, and believe me, you get some strange looks. A photo like this takes some imagination to see what you want before you take the photo. You don’t just wander around and decide to take a photo from the ground level, you plan it out somewhat beforehand! Jonathan came through with flying colors in his push. He went farther than most people would choose to. He chose something different. He used his imagination.

Wishes, Wills and Probabilities by Krista K. Mills on Flickr

The last photo by Krista Mills is one that also shows great use of imagination. Three parts all connected lead to a theme for a triptych.  It tells the story of a person sitting back doing nothing. They might wish, they might hope. But they never do anything. One day they decide to get up and go out and change something, somehow. Its not something that is easily said! Krista did an excellent job of using her imagination to portray a great idea.

Once more, we’re winding up a round over at Get Pushed. On the 9th, we’ll be signing up for Round 29. I know that a lot of photographers are going to be using a lot of imagination! We’ve got a lot of talent over there! So come on over and join us!




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