“Glow Of Old Havana” by Linda Goodhue (Or Preserving Trips In Style)

"Glow of Old Havana" by Linda Goodhue

“Glow of Old Havana” by Linda Goodhue

Vacation photos…I usually call them snapshots.  You can admit it, many of your travel photos are simply shots for you to remember.  Memories are worth having, and vacation shapshots only need to spark those memories.  So throw a brother or sister in front of the Disney sign and snap away.  We’re not looking to win a competition here, just save a thought so that one day 20 years in the future, you will remember that day.  Not all vacation photos are snapshots, however.  There is that moment of inspiration and you’ll create a photograph worthy of your portfolio, something that others will connect with.  These are the ones most cherished.  Linda Goodhue has such a photo here, a photo titled Glow of Old Havana.

If you’re not familiar with Linda’s work, let me just say that travel photography is kind of her thing.  Judging only by her photographs, I would say that she likes to travel, and then she likes to remember those places.  So I think she has a bit of a knack for capturing vacation moments in a manner that others can truly appreciate.  Glow of Old Havana is an example of travel photography, and it’s a photograph that could easily be published alongside a story in a travel magazine.  Captured at sunset, or possibly sunrise, the golden hour has a particularly powerful impact on the photograph in this setting.  The warm earth tones of the clay and sandstone Spanish architecture really seems to pop in this kind of warm light.  It is the haziness of the air that adds depth as it seems to cool off those warm tones as the distance from the lens increases.  Shooting into the light offers a hard back-lighting and silhouettes to the plants and to our lone figure.  It also makes the lanterns and lamps spring to life with a glow unto themselves, as if they were already lit for the evening.  The arch ahead and the high walls of the city frame out our scene with a vantage point on the capitol building.  It’s a beautiful scene and it was captured at a most exquisite time.

Now think for a moment about the fact that Linda captured this on vacation.  Just because she was on vacation doesn’t mean her mind has to be as well.  She was thinking like a photographer all the way through this photograph.  We don’t know what her setup was.  We don’t know whether she waited for this moment, waited for the man to get in the right spot or if she just happened upon it.  Either way, she was looking with photographers eyes and was able to clearly identify a worthwhile composition, and she acted upon it.  If we were all as clear minded when we were on holiday, we would be proud to show off our photo albums to strangers.  I bet this was a good trip for Linda.  At least we know it was a good trip for us as well.

Linda Goodhue is an experimental photographer with a strong focus on travel and landscape photography.  I have personally been following her work for many years, and I can say that her images very often catch my eye among my follow-list of equally talented photographers.  And I think that’s the best compliment I can offer, because I follow hundreds of photographers and see thousands of new photos every day.  In fact, I’ve had this particular photograph in my queue to spotlight for almost a year now.  I was not going to let too much more time pass before bringing it to all of your attention.  Well, that’s my endorsement and I think you would do well to follow her work.


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