“Insomnia” by Noah Feldklipp (Or Creepy With Pop Culture)

"Insomnia" by Noah Feldklipp

“Insomnia” by Noah Feldklipp

It’s October, the month crowned by Halloween, the creepiest of all holidays.  And so we’re talking photos that are, well, creepy.  Sometimes a creepy photo is made to feel more creepy simply because of it’s references to, or imitations of, something from pop culture.  After all, horror and thriller genres in fiction thrive on imitation; spin-offs from a world created by others can often be the most impressive.  So this week, we’re going to take a look at a photo by the name of Insomnia by Noah Feldklipp.

Insomnia is reminiscent of the movie, The Ring, where the chief antagonist was a young girl, Samara, who’s evil capabilities transcends her own life.  After spending months in a mental institution – in a room very much like the one in Noah’s photograph – therapists were unable to get to the bottom of the supernatural energy and so her foster mother (it’s never the biological mother) murders her by drowning her and leaving her in a well.  And so Samara continues to terrorize our protagonist and anyone else who watches her cryptic story told through a bizarre video.

Now I don’t know for certain that Noah was attempting to mimic a character or scene from The Ring.  A girl in a white gown with her long dark hair hiding her face, standing in a plain white room…the similarities are either intended, or one hell of a coincidence.  But never mind the source of Noah’s inspiration.  The point is that fans of the movie (or those fearful of it) are going to be inspired and they will therefore be inspired by Noah’s photograph.  This is a cruel world, and so a single pop culture reference isn’t going to earn any respect if it isn’t done well, especially in a photograph.  Insomnia deserves respect for a number of reasons.  It’s the high-key treatment washing all detail out of the image other than the darkest tones.  It’s the way the light is so soft and relatively even throughout the photograph, most likely the direct result of a longer exposure.  It’s the square framing, a classic aspect ratio, used here to lend more history to a new photograph.  It also makes us feel crowded and consolidated in an open room.  Yes, Insomnia is worthy of respect in the context of the movie.

Noah Feldklipp is a photographer specializing in Urban Exploration, and so creepy is second nature to him.  His portfolio features some great photographs of a number of locations, some in public spaces, many of abandoned locations.  His unique processing and his use of light – both available and supplimental – sets his photographs apart from others.  If urban exploration or architecture is your though, you’d best follow Noah Feldklipp on Flickr.


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