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A few weeks ago, I reviewed a book by Jon Canfield, Camera Raw 101.  When it came to the review, I of course focused on what was in the book and what was presented to me, the reader.  But after I completed the review, I started poking around his website, Jon Canfield Photography; the book does little justice to this man’s portfolio.  That makes sense, of course:  Instructional books are designed to help you learn the concept at hand.  And to some regard, if the book were packed full of Canfield’s best works, a less experienced photographer like myself might feel intimidated.  So it’s possible that there is some level of self-restraint when it comes to picking the example photographs for a book.

Much like any web portfolio, Canfield’s work is displayed in a few different albums, each with it’s own specific purpose.  Canfield has many great examples in his Landscapes and Travel photo albums.  But I’m especially intrigued and inspired by two of his categories:  “Aviation” and “Old Things”.  With categories so specific, these must be subjects he’s very passionate about, and it shows.  Some of his best works are exhibited there. I feel you can really learn a lot about a photographer by studying his portfolio:  Learning from what he is willing to share, or studying the care in which subjects and photographs are hand-picked for their online exhibit.  How do they want you to view their work?  What do they want you to know and see?

In Jon Canfield’s case, I am greatly inspired and awe-struck.  I would highly recommend that you check out his incredible gallery.  Be sure to visit the “Old Things” album – it’s my favorite.

Visit the site: Jon Canfield Photography

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