“Lineup” by Stephen Flores (Or How To Have Fun With Your Works)

"Lineup" by Stephen Flores

"Lineup" by Stephen Flores

Sometimes, we can find ourselves caught up in our work.  We get very serious about our photography – so much so that we might forget to have fun with it.  You hear it from professionals all the time:  They need to get out to shoot more for themselves.  A regimented approach to your photos can cause a lot of problems.  It can stagnate your creative vision.  It can drain your brain of all inspiration.  So it’s important to have fun.  Clearly, fun was on Stephen Flores‘s mind when he set up for the photo above, Lineup.

Stephen’s Flickr photostream typically features a number of explorations from all corners of the photography world:  Landscape photography, close-up photography, and so on.  The photo uploaded the same day, Slain, is quite a bit more serious.  It is a fairly normal close-up shot of one King chess piece standing over the other king which has been tipped-over – the classic gesture symbolizing the concession of the losing player.  I can only imagine what went through Stephen’s head.  Clearly this is the scene of a crime!  We need to round up the usual suspects. And a fun concept is born.

With a photo that is intended to be satirical or amusing, I’m rarely interested in analyzing its compositional merits.  Accordingly, I won’t dwell much on the composition of this shot – at least not in traditional means.  I feel that Stephen had a specific intent in mind.  He was mimicking a classic police lineup.  There’s nothing fancy about a lineup.  It’s a head on shot with hard lighting.  The vignetting hints at the use of a spotlight, the backdrop is indicative of the height scales.  I think Stephen did a great job setting the scene and in turn the mood.  Such a shot is supposed to gain a chuckle, and so I consider the photo in much the same manner.  Lineup made me laugh.  And I commend Stephen for his amusing vision.

Stephen of course shoots a lot of serious photos.  So after you’re done musing at Lineup, you should head over to his photostream to see more of his work.


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