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"National Geographic: Photo Of The DayWhen it comes to good quality photos that explore everything from science to culture, there is one definitive source that you can count on for being consistently awe inspiring:  National Geographic.  Since 1888, National Geographic has been a world renowned institutions that taps into all aspects of our existence.  Their journal by the same name has become a mainstay at almost every library on the planet, and many private libraries in the home as well.  Any subscriber of the publication likely has a backlog of every magazine printed since the beginning of their subscription.  The reason – I’ll admit – is mostly the quality, sources and subject of their journalism.  But you would not convince me that the journal’s photography didn’t play a hand in earning National Geographic’s reputation.    So when it comes to photographic inspiration – regardless of your preferred style or genre – there is one source you know will fill your eyes with candy:  National Geographic.  And there’s no better place to start than the corner of their website designed for that very purpose.  We’re talking National Geographic’s Photo of the Day.

Only the best of the best get accepted into National Geographic’s archives.  In fact I would say that their curators and photo editors are perhaps the best around.  On the other hand, he reputation and history of the organization somewhat perpetuates its own reputation at this point as everyone from all walks and all skill levels within the photography world wants to be published in this great journal.  As photographers, we all want to be part of National Geographic’s archives.  The editors certainly have their pick of the cream of the crop.  That’s not to say their job is an easy one.  You would be hard pressed to take any photo from their journal and say that it was necessarily better than another.  I imagine the editors have archives filled with photos that have never even been published, put off on the shelf waiting for that day where such photos will fit the needs of the publication.  I cannot imagine the amount of time, energy, effort and late nights that are poured into curating such an awesome display of talent and artistic abilities from all over the world.  On the other hand, National Geographic’s editors are witness to possibly some of the greatest photos at any given time, well before they’re even seen by the world.  The concept is just incredible to me.

So when I’m feeling in a rut, or if I’m just looking for ideas, I know that time with National Geographic in any form is time well spent.  Even if I don’t find the cure for my stagnation, at least I will have enjoyed my time browsing these galleries.  But as the archives are incredibly large, possibly too much for any one person to explore in a lifetime, we really need a starting point.  That’s why I’m glad the organization introduced the Photo of the Day segment on their site.  If you follow it closely, you’ll see a new and fantastic photo each and every day.   It will become part of your morning routine.

Visit the site:  National Geographic:  Photo of the Day

Side note:  You can also receive regular photography inspiration from National Geographic’s Photo editors by following them on twitter.  In addition to the Photo of the Day tweets, you’ll also be privy to a number of other inspiring photos from current events and from the archives.  Follow them now:  @NatGeoPhotos


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