Nikon Readying Medium Format DSLR?


Not much time today, so I’m going to keep this one short.  Wired Gadget Lab has an interesting, and speculative, post outlining their hypothesis that Nikon may be working on releasing a Medium Format Rangefinder DSLR (kinda weird to compare film to digital yet again, but they basically mean a camera with a much larger sensor).  From the article:

The official Nikon ad appeared in Rangefinder magazine. The announcement will be made at a conference for wedding photographers, a group who shoot a lot in dark places (churches and wedding receptions) and like to print very large pictures. Could we be looking at a giant rangefinder along the lines of the old Mamiya 7? A rangefinder with stratospheric ISO settings? It would certainly be a lot easier to handle than a big medium format DSLR.

We’ll see. If this comes true (and we certainly hope it will), then it will be one more victory for the new, revitalized Nikon. Come on, Canon — let’s see what you’ve got.

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