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Well, we can’t be serious all the time.  So we need to make fun of ourselves.  JimJamZoo has a great compilation of photographs of photographers.  I can only hope I don’t look as silly as some of these guys when I’m shooting.  But you have to laugh.  Try to stick yourself in the shoes of some of the individuals who may have witnessed you working.

There was one time I was taking a shot of a weed in the middle of a theme park.  The weed was growing out of a crack in the middle of the asphalt.  And here I was laying on the ground with my camera while people with strollers, children with cotton candy and the world walked around me.  I am fairly certain I heard someone say to their companion “that’s not even a pretty flower…”  It wasn’t, but a weed growing out of a crack was appealing to me.  I don’t have the shot to share, but it was certainly an experience worth laughing about.

What kind of amusing shooting stories do you have?  I”d love to hear of your silly experiences.

Visit the site: Photographers are Funny (JimJamZoo)

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