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[singlepic=252,240,,,right]LIFE Magazine has been coveted as an incredible host to some of the best journalistic photography spanning almost the entire lifespan of the medium.  Google has recently posted the LIFE photo archive online for all to see.  This is an incredible resource and it should serve as an incredible source of inspiration.  You will be surprised to find how many of these photos are familiar to you.  Many were republished in history books and others have managed to work their way into pop culture.  Regardless, the archive is a piece of history, and Google’s archive is a contribution to society.

As a tribute to some of the most famous images, Denver Post has recapped (in their blog, Captured) some of the most famous photos from LIFE’s extensive history.  It’s a great introduction to the archive which serves as a great starting point.  I, for one, was a bit dumbfounded when I was trying to figure out what to look for.  Thank’s to Denver Posts’s Captured, I found a lot of great shots.

Read the Denver Post’s Captured article:  Life Images Hosted by Google

Visit the ARchive:  LIFE Photo Archive


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