Precise Color Cast Correction with Gray Fill Layers (DPS)


Today I learned about one of the simplest and most accurate ways I’ve read about to do color correction through an article I found at Digital Photography School.  The article, Precise Color Cast Correction with Gray Fill Layers, describes how to find a middle gray pixel to use for color balancing.  How?  with Gray Fill Layers, of course (couldn’t you tell from the title?).

The only caveat I have about the article is that it somewhat makes an assumption that your monitor is calibrated.  While you can probably get close enough without calibration, I have recently seen the light (or seen the color, as the case may be) and I truly see the benefit of calibrating your monitor. But the technique is a solid one, and in an ah-ha moment, I think you’ll be glad you happened upon the tutorial.

Read the Article: Precise Color Cast Correction with Gray Fill Layers

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