“Rope-Dancer” by Djura Stankovic (Or Pushing Exposure To Create Interest)

"Rope-Dancer" by Djura Stankovic

“Rope-Dancer” by Djura Stankovic

Oh, if the world were left up to computers and cameras doing only what they thought was best, there would be no art in photography.  While it would certainly be possible to inspire people around the world with captivating images of people and cultures and goings-on, you probably wouldn’t find large prints hanging over couches in a lush penthouse living room overlooking Central Park, NYC.  Thankfully, our cameras don’t have to have control and we can – if we choose – completely blow out the proverbial “perfect exposure”.  With us today is this great photo, Rope-Dancer, by the talented Djura Stankovic, which utilizes a high-key exposure to create interest and beauty in the photograph.

Djura’s photo is actually quite simple, but that is the beauty.  The subject is presented in front of a clean white background, thanks mostly to the high-key approach.  Who knows what’s actually back there…a clear blue sky, a concrete wall.  It really doesn’t matter because of the way Djura has presented the shot.  He has eliminated all distractions by pushing the shutter and over-exposing the shot.  He has also chosen to eliminate the color so that we are left with the ink on paper.  In doing so, he has narrowed our focus.  The story becomes absolutely clear and can truly understand the strength, focus and determination that this person exhibits through this incredible feat of skill.  Some may not like high-key work because it tends to lose definition.  For example, this person’s shirt and the foot seem to disappear into the background with no clearly defined edge.  But I like that about high-key.  It gives the impression of a dream, or a memory of something that happened long ago.  And you certainly can’t argue its value as art.

If you’re not familiar with Djura Stankovic’s work, you best be headed over to his photostream at Flickr.  Djura has been with our Shutter Photo @ Flickr Group for a long while, though it’s been almost two years since we last wrote about his work.  He is an artist, a storyteller and one heck of a good photographer.  If Flickr is not your thing, you can visit Djura’s personal website, though it’s not updated as frequently.  Alternatively, you can also follow Djura on Google+.


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