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Artificial lighting is not one of my strengths as a photographer.  I shoot natural light most of the time, or I’ll shoot in low-light without the aid of a flash.  But artificial lighting is an area where I’d like to improve.  In theory, I need to get myself some flash units, but knowing what I need requires me to have some insight into what I want to do.  Where would I learn such information about artificial lighting and flash photography?  Enter Strobist – the definitive online resource for every photographic lighting.

Now again, I admit that I am quite weak in my strobe/flash knowledge.  So it’s fair to say that I am not necessarily a good judge as to the quality of information disseminated at Strobist.  But when I asked on a few forums where I should go to learn about flash photography, I of course recieved a few suggestions for books and even a few videos.  But the overwhelming majority of respondents listed Strobist as the place to go.  It has quite a following, reguarly seeing 70-100 responses to their articles.  Articles commonly feature on-location reports, instructional videos, case studies and inspirational setups.  There is, of course a lot to be learned by watching the blog, but that may not be your learning style.

If you’re like me and you have a lot to learn, a great place to start is the widely acclaimed Lighting 101 Series of articles.    As of this writing, the series an impressive 29 articles.  This contains everything (and more) that could be learned from a book, and it’s a free resource.  It has become a definitive resource as I learn more and more about flash/strobe photography.  If only for this series alone, the site is well worth checking out.

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