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"Star Drops" by Sue Thompson

Sue Thompson is one of the Shutter Photo @ Flicker group’s members that sorta came out of nowhere.  I was just keeping a watchful eye on the pool one day when i stumbled upon a bunch of images from an artist (Sue90ca) that I had never heard of before and a bunch of eye-catching imagry.  Among my favorites is this beautiful macro shot titled Star Drops.

To characterize Sue’s work is rather difficult.  She seems to do a little bit of everything, and she shoots all of it well.  But I am particularly drawn to her macro work.  Be sure to check out her Lightbox 2009 set (at Flickr), especially Light Box Drops:  LED Flashlight (which is not part of [email protected]).

But back to Star Drops.  Macro Photography opens up a whole world of things to photograph, but many have trouble figuring out exactly what to shoot.  Those who are more adventurous, like Sue, will learn soon enough that you almost need to throw out the rules when you’re shooting macro.  Macro is mostly about texture, something that is clearly illustrated here.  The texture here could be leather, some sort of metal – it doesn’t matter, because the captivating aspect is the light.  Both the light cast across the textured surface and the light – the stars, if you will – being reflected back at us by the water drops is appealing.  Add to that the juxtaposition of the very smooth texture (almost lacking texture) of the water drops itself.  This is such a captivating photo.  Yet it’s nearly devoid of color (and it’s not a black and white shot).  In fact, the only real color element in this photo is again a direct result of the reflected light:  The redish and bluish hues in the lower-right corner.

I’m glad that Sue managed to stumble upon our Flickr Group.  If she hadn’t, I would not have discovered her work – an inspiring collection in a vast sea that is Flickr.  It’s hard to pinpoint her talents by one photo.  As I mentioned there are several worth mentioning in her gallery.  But Star Drops happened to be the photo that drew me into her realm.  I certainly hope it’s as captivating for you as well.

View the shot at Flickr:  Star Drops by Sue90ca

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