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Inspiring Photos "Heavy" by Kevin Corrado

Performance Art is a medium that serves well to compliment the works of portrait photographers. We happened upon a Flickr Group contributor, Kevin Corrado, who excels at blending performance art with his photography. His portraits will intrigue, inspire and motivate you and your works. Read on to learn about this photograph and to learn why Kevin’s formula is so thought provoking.

Inspiring Photos "Star Spangled Banner" by Caleb Long

Having just gotten past a pretty important holiday in the United States, Independence Day, we are reminded of the importance of taking up a camera on such important cultural holidays – regardless of where you call home. As photographer Caleb Long demonstrates with his photo, “Star Spangled Banner”, cultural holidays can be inspiration in-and-of themselves and we shouldn’t be afraid of cliche in such cases. Read on to learn how to shoot what matters and be inspired.

Inspiring Photos "HK-Everyday179" by Fernando Gros

Travel with us as we wander through the lens of Fernando Gros. Like much of his work, “HK-Everyday179” is a fine example of blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Read on to learn why this photo is both inspiring and motivating.

Photographer Spotlight "23 of 365" by Colin Bugella

Texture as a primary (or single) subject poses a few compositional challenges. Colin Bugella, who’s work is featured here, teaches us a few things as he explores textures in his own photography.

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