"No. 258 of 365" by Kenny Shepard

“No. 258 of 365″ by Kenny Shepard (Or Photography Is Meant To Be Fun)

September 25, 2013 / by

This week, we go behind the scenes with Kenny Shepard featuring his photo, “No. 258 of 365″, which reminds us that photography should be fun to do and see.

"Keen Observation" by Bob Hallam

“Keen Observation” by Bob Hallam (Or The Fuzzy Line Defining Reality)

August 13, 2013 / by

Photography can be molded, manipulated and tweaked in much the same way as clay or oil paints. This week, we feature Bob Hallam’s photo, “Keen Observation”, which shows us how thin and how fuzzy the line between reality and fantasy just might be.

"Vite" by Andrea Calvi

“Vite” by Andrea Calvi (Or You Cannot Lose With Color And Shape)

July 09, 2013 / by

Andrea Calvi explores the combination of Shape and Color, two components of design, in his architectural photograph of a spiral staircase viewed from an interesting perspective. We discuss his photograph and his approach in this week’s inspirational pick.

"Five A Day" by Ivor Potter

Get Pushed: Hard Work, Fun Results (Round 25)

September 28, 2012 / by

Wrapping up Get Pushed, Round 25, we highlight three inspiring photos from the group. Read on to be inspired by these great works.

"Heavy" by Kevin Corrado

“Heavy” by Kevin Corrado (Or Photography Meets Performance Art)

April 24, 2012 / by

Performance Art is a medium that serves well to compliment the works of portrait photographers. We happened upon a Flickr Group contributor, Kevin Corrado, who excels at blending performance art with his photography. His portraits will intrigue, inspire and motivate you and your works. Read on to learn about this photograph and to learn why Kevin’s formula is so thought provoking.

"Cloudy Shapes" by Jos

“Cloudy Shapes” by Jos (Or Simplicity Means Colors Too)

September 06, 2011 / by

We love simplicity here at Shutter Photo. Simplicity is one thing that we all, as photographers, strive to accomplish in our own works. The simpler a photograph, the stronger it will be. And it will get noticed. Of course, this is why we love the work of Jos. He’s introduced us to so much simplicity in his own abstract works. This weeks photo, Cloudy Shapes, is just one of Jos’s fantastic abstract photos. Jos appears to be drawn naturally to architecture, but not in the manner that one might expect.  He focuses on the detail, the elements that really help to subtly define the feature.  He frames tight, which naturally results in abstract style photos.  But I don’t believe his intent is really to feature the architecture.  I believe his subject is the textures, the lines and the colors that he comes across.  The structure featured in Cloudy Shapes is beyond identification, at least to this reviewer, yet I don’t think that matters.  As is indicated from the title, the photo is really a comparison of shapes – the naturally formed shapes of the clouds, and the human created shapes of the structure.  And while I find that absolutely fantastic, the whole thing […]

Shobha srinivasan_If I Had One Wish

“If I Had One Wish…” by Shobha Srinivasan (Or Controlling Moods Simply)

August 09, 2011 / by

This week, we explore the calming photography of Shobha Srinivasan with her photo: “If I had One Wish…”. Shobha’s work teaches us that you don’t need a whole lot to stoke an emotion. We’ll discuss the photo and how it affects moods. We’ll also discuss how you can use these tools in your own photographs to influence a viewer’s mood.

"Star Spangled Banner" by Caleb Long

“Star Spangled Banner” by Caleb Long (Or Celebrating The Important Things)

July 05, 2011 / by

Having just gotten past a pretty important holiday in the United States, Independence Day, we are reminded of the importance of taking up a camera on such important cultural holidays – regardless of where you call home. As photographer Caleb Long demonstrates with his photo, “Star Spangled Banner”, cultural holidays can be inspiration in-and-of themselves and we shouldn’t be afraid of cliche in such cases. Read on to learn how to shoot what matters and be inspired.

"HK-Everyday179" by Fernando Gros

“HK-Everyday179″ by Fernando Gros

April 05, 2011 / by

Travel with us as we wander through the lens of Fernando Gros. Like much of his work, “HK-Everyday179″ is a fine example of blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Read on to learn why this photo is both inspiring and motivating.

"23 of 365" by Colin Bugella

Colin Bugella’s Textures

March 15, 2011 / by

Texture as a primary (or single) subject poses a few compositional challenges. Colin Bugella, who’s work is featured here, teaches us a few things as he explores textures in his own photography.