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Fun With Slow Shutter Speeds

June 13, 2013 / by

Create interesting photos through the use of slow shutter shooting techniques. In this article, we introduce you to some of our favorite slow shutter techniques so that you can have fun creating interesting photos.


An Argument For Chimping Photos

August 11, 2011 / by

“Chimping” is the art of checking one’s camera back after a shot, be it to verify the shot or to simply admire ones own talents as a photographer. The practice is shunned by many experienced photographers. But should it be? Are we really all just grumpy old salts? Let’s revisit this, shall we? Read on…

"Lineup" by Stephen Flores

“Lineup” by Stephen Flores (Or How To Have Fun With Your Works)

May 03, 2011 / by

Our photos don’t always need to be works of fine art. We can create amusing and inspirational works with our tongues in our cheeks. Stephen Flores’s work, which was shot with a sense of humor, inspires us to not be so serious.

photo courtesy of Strictly No Photography

Found: Strictly No Photography

October 15, 2010 / by

“Photo-sharing for pictures taken where you are not allowed to take them.” SNP is a great website dedicated to all of the photos that should not have been taken.


Driving Forces in Photography – Zen Before the Shutter

August 19, 2009 / by

Photography is not always about the technical and aesthetic aspects of the art form. Sometimes, there’s something more. For me, its a get-away, a chance to be a different person. What is it for you? Read on to see my story, and then have an opportunity to share your own.


Wired to the New Rules (Behind the Scenes)

July 31, 2009 / by

Wired Magazine did an article in this month’s issue titled ‘How to Behave:  New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans’.  The article featured Brad Pitt and some pretty great photos by photographer Dan Winters.  What’s the Jackanory conducted a fine interview with the magazine’s creative director, Scott Dadich, including some behind the scenes shots at how the photography took place.  The article is not entirely focused on photography, but it’s a good read and has a lot of interesting insight to the industry and the photography.  Read the article:  Wired to the New Rules


National Parks – Great Photo Opportunities

July 10, 2009 / by

The U.S. National Parks Service – great places to visit with the family. They are also home to some of the greatest photo opportunities available in the United States. Read on to learn about their great website and plan a trip today.


Ignorance Makes You Sound Moronic

September 23, 2008 / by

Slightly off-topic post today, but it is somewhat related. I was forwarded a few videos the other day from a conspiracy theorist on YouTube who has been posting videos that are allegedly proof that the government is conducting weather control experiments that could negatively affect the human race. Before I go on, please realize that I think this woman is absolutely nuts. I’ve watched at least half her videos now and there is no real science behind any of it. She just sounds crazy. Take, for example, the video below. She claims that this is not a moire effect that it wouldn’t show up on wood (again, her words).  Anyone who knows their way around any sort of camera knows that this is obviously a moire effect.  And then she talks about how moire effect doesn’t move or show directionality in more than one direction.  What?  On a video camera that is obviously not still, it would move.  And a moire effect will almost always have a curvature to it, sometimes in multiple directions or at least different arcs with varying radii. This is obviously a case of a camera with poor focal qualities. As you are all educated, especially […]


Stray Shopping Carts

May 13, 2008 / by

Photography is a very serious way to have fun.  Books such as The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification, by Julian Montague, is proof that at least some artists don’t take it all too seriously.  But what a fun concept?  I can imagine the author of this book starting with a few photographs of these derelict carts – because lets face it, almost any junk can be beautiful – and he ended up with a fetish.  I only use the term fetish because photography of this level can really be considered perverse to some.  At least people will tease and make fun of the concept.  But it shouldn’t be that way. My first thought was that this book, based on its title alone, would be incredibly humorous.  And, with the driest of humor, it really is.  But then I went back and really looked at the photographic work between the covers and realized that this is really quite impressive.  Here’s a photographer that has literally taken photographs of junk and made the beautiful.  Add some humor, and you sell books.  In my opinion, this man is a genius! So in summary, my random thought of […]


Laptop Fire Slows Me Down

April 25, 2008 / by

[singlepic=98,320,240,,right]I have a bunch of pictures just waiting to be formatted and posted up here for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, I am the victim of the rare Laptop Fire. Alright, so I’m exaggerating just a bit – the laptop itself never caught fire. But my AC Adapter did. Regardless of what actually burned, I can’t use my laptop until my new adapter arrives in the mail (hopefully this weekend). But there is a lesson to be learned here: Redundancy and care. First, lets talk redundancy. Backups are something that you should make a priority. Chances are, you may not need to go back to your backups ever. But you have a lot to lose if you caught without backups of your precious data. External Hard Drives are pretty cheap these days, they are definately a worthwhile investment. It’s also a good idea to burn backups to CDs or tape backups (just be aware, both have a set shelf life). If you can get it to an off-site location, that is best – just in case the horrible happens to your home (fire, flood, etc), you want to know you can get it all back. This is your livelihood after all. If […]