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Ongoing photo projects are fun and inspiring. They can train your mind to recognize photo opportunities and your work will benefit. We’ll discuss why you should have such projects, the benefits behind them and we’ll even give you a few ideas.

Inspiring Photos "Falling Dream" by Francisca Grim

Photography is not nearly as limited as many might believe. Despite it’s base in the physical world, photographers have as much flexibility as any other artist. Featuring a photo by Francisca Grim, we discuss how we can use the laws of physics to our advantage in creating seemingly impossible images with our photography.

Common Photo Themes "Happy New Year!" by Valentina Calà

The face is a powerful, emotive subject. But we need not always focus on the eyes. In fact, this month’s Common Photo Theme avoids them entirely. Read on to see how much can be learned about our subjects without looking them in the eye.

Get Pushed

Get Pushed Group Moderator, Rachel Melton, looks back at 2012 to discuss how the popular Flickr Group has helped to challenge and improve her photography. It’s a story not unlike that of the many members of the group.

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