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Photographer Spotlight "Manhattan Bridge" by John McGraw

Color is a powerful and dynamic building block. In this photographer spotlight of John McGraw and his work, we show you just how powerful color really can be. McGraw’s work is inspiring, but his use of color in his photos is incredible. Read on to see what you can learn from McGraw’s work.

Inspiring Photos "Aki-no-sora" by Jim Mayes

Against the arguments of some photographers, color isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, color can be quite powerful and equally as challenging as black & white. To prove it, we would like to introduce “Aki-No-Sora”, a photo from botanical photographer Jim Mayes, that demonstrates the delicate power that color can have.

Inspiring Photos "Dali's Window" by Jean-Baptiste

Find Color, then you can create a composition. That was the advice of my photography instructor and mentor. I am reminded of her advice as we bring you the warm hues of “Dali’s Window” by Jean-Baptiste for this week’s inspiration. The photo will teach you about the true power of color in your own works. Read on…