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Inspiring Photos "Waving Gold" by Jos

Depth of field can be quite a photography tool, but too often we overlook the importance of the background. I’d like to introduce you to a photo, “Waving Gold” by Jos. The photo demonstrates to us how the foreground and blurry backgrounds can be used to enforce a pattern. Read on to see this great photo and learn what else we have to say about it.

Inspiring Photos

DANGER! Sue Thompson, a perennial at the Shutter Photo @ Flickr Group, has a new camera. And it hasn’t hurt her at all. We once again spotlight one of her macro photographs for this week’s inspiration. We also learn an important lesson about how equipment affects our work.


Narrow Depths of Field can add a professional touch to your photos, and it is certainly fun to play with. But did you know that it also has magical capabilities? It can make things completely disappear. Don’t believe us? Read on to see how (and to see some evidence.


As one who did not have the benefit of autofocus for the first 12 years working with a camera, I can say that autofocus is overrated. Learn to manually focus with your camera with this short tutorial about how to (and why you should) use manual focus more often.

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