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Editorial Flickr's infamous "system down" message...who is the "Bad Panda" now?

Taking yet another step away from a community-driven platform, Flickr has once again implemented changes that are less than ideal for the typical photographer. We discuss what those changes are, the fundamental flaws and the fact that Flickr clearly doesn’t care about us anymore. We’ll also take a brief moment to discuss the big picture of social media from a Photographer’s perspective.

News bokeh-rainbow

In this candid editorial, we explore the state of the photography industry for amateurs and professionals. Where are we headed? What are the trends? We’ll cover it all.

Featured Nikon D600 - the new consumer flagship

We discuss the release of the D800 and the D600, both from Nikon, and explore where each truly fits into the market. Was it a smart move from Nikon? Or was it just over-saturation in the market? Read on to hear our editorial thoughts.

News PR-nextGEN

NextGEN Gallery – the leading gallery plugin for Wordpress – was recently acquired by Photocrati – a leading Wordpress template for Photographers. Read on to hear why this affects you and why we think this is great news.

Featured Lindsay Adler Speaks at Photo Plus Expo

We went to PDN’s Photo Plus Expo in New York. We learned a lot, saw a lot and discovered a lot of great new products. In this report, I’ll share some of the most interesting products we uncovered.

Learning "Dead Wood" by D. Travis North

Photography is an art that is based on vision and intent. It is about attitude, regardless of your equipment. We can blame the layman, but we are equally to blame. Find out why, read on.