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Inspiring Photos "Deep End" (cropped) by Ken Cadel

Photographers have a voice unparalleled. Featuring the work of photographer Ken Cadel, we not only explore the vocal power of a great photo, but we explore how composition and processing can be tools when used sparingly.

Photographer Spotlight "Manhattan Bridge" by John McGraw

Color is a powerful and dynamic building block. In this photographer spotlight of John McGraw and his work, we show you just how powerful color really can be. McGraw’s work is inspiring, but his use of color in his photos is incredible. Read on to see what you can learn from McGraw’s work.

Inspiring Photos

A street photographer’s challenge comes down to split seconds – capturing the right ones is the challenge. This week, we highlight a photo from Carlina (carlina999) who squeezed the trigger at just the right time. Read on to hear our thoughts and be inspired.

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