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"Clock in the Musee D'orsay, Paris" by Andy Herbon

“Clock in the Musee D’orsay, Paris” by Andy Herbon (Or Reinterpreting A Classic)

April 15, 2014 / by

This week, we share with you a photo from Andy Herbon’s collection, a reinterpretation on a classic landmark shot. Are reiterations of classic photos a bad thing? We think not. Besides, we happen to like Andy’s photo. Read on to see why.

"Deep End" (cropped) by Ken Cadel

“Deep End” by Ken Cadel (Or

April 01, 2014 / by

Photographers have a voice unparalleled. Featuring the work of photographer Ken Cadel, we not only explore the vocal power of a great photo, but we explore how composition and processing can be tools when used sparingly.

"Laterally Cycling" by Lukas Hetzmannseder

“Laterally Cycling” by Lukas Hetzmannseder (Or Let Your Audience Have Fun, Too)

February 04, 2014 / by

As photographers, we can’t always be serious and we can’t always worry about technical details. We are reminded of that this week with Lukas Hetzmannseder’s comedic submission to the Flickr Pool. So that we avoid getting too serious, we are intentionally leaving the technical review items aside for this bit of inspiration.

"Winding Path" by Gerald Chan

“Winding Path” by Gerald Chan (Or Letting Lines Lead)

December 10, 2013 / by

This week we share the work of Gerald Chan who has paved the way to an excellent photo composition using the Line building block of design. By embracing and featuring the line of the path in his work, he has captured our eye. Read on to be inspired and learn more about this photograph.

Untitled Photo by Glen Grover

Untitled by Glen Grover (Or It’s About Capturing Moments)

November 26, 2013 / by

Photography is ultimately about capturing and freezing moments in time. Sometimes we forget that. This week, we feature the work of Glen Grover who turns personal moments into works of beauty.

"Eye Portrait" by Thamer Al-Hassan

The Eyes Have It (Common Photographic Themes)

October 08, 2013 / by

This month, we explore eyes as a common theme among our Flickr pool. As one of the most emotive features of the human body, the eyes are powerful in almost every portrait. But what if the eyes are the subject alone? Read on to be inspired.

"Keen Observation" by Bob Hallam

“Keen Observation” by Bob Hallam (Or The Fuzzy Line Defining Reality)

August 13, 2013 / by

Photography can be molded, manipulated and tweaked in much the same way as clay or oil paints. This week, we feature Bob Hallam’s photo, “Keen Observation”, which shows us how thin and how fuzzy the line between reality and fantasy just might be.

"Manhattan Bridge" by John McGraw

How John McGraw Controls You With Color

August 06, 2013 / by

Color is a powerful and dynamic building block. In this photographer spotlight of John McGraw and his work, we show you just how powerful color really can be. McGraw’s work is inspiring, but his use of color in his photos is incredible. Read on to see what you can learn from McGraw’s work.

Untitled (2010-07-14) by Carlina (carlina999)

Untitled (2010-7-14) by Carlina

July 16, 2013 / by

A street photographer’s challenge comes down to split seconds – capturing the right ones is the challenge. This week, we highlight a photo from Carlina (carlina999) who squeezed the trigger at just the right time. Read on to hear our thoughts and be inspired.

"Brantwood Jetty II" by Mark Boyle

“Brantwood Jetty II” by Mark Boyle (Or Who’s Story Is Being Told?)

May 21, 2013 / by

Photos are as dreams or stories that are told about the viewer. Or at least that’s the way Mark Boyle’s photo, Brentwood Jetty II, is portrayed.