"Losing The Will To Glow" by Zaedah Black

“Losing The Will To Glow” by Zaedah Black (Or Observe The World You Know)

January 14, 2014 / by

Featuring the work of Zaedah Black, we learn about the power of observation and not letting features disappear into our environment. Though both are very important, seeing is more important than technical aspects that must follow.

"Winding Path" by Gerald Chan

“Winding Path” by Gerald Chan (Or Letting Lines Lead)

December 10, 2013 / by

This week we share the work of Gerald Chan who has paved the way to an excellent photo composition using the Line building block of design. By embracing and featuring the line of the path in his work, he has captured our eye. Read on to be inspired and learn more about this photograph.

Untitled Photo by Glen Grover

Untitled by Glen Grover (Or It’s About Capturing Moments)

November 26, 2013 / by

Photography is ultimately about capturing and freezing moments in time. Sometimes we forget that. This week, we feature the work of Glen Grover who turns personal moments into works of beauty.

"Lighthouse" by Scott Baldock

“Lighthouse” by Scott Baldock (Or The Power of Quality Light)

November 19, 2013 / by

Featuring a photo by landscape photographer, Scott Baldock, we discuss the power of good quality light. In this article, we’ll talk about the power of the golden hour as well as the planning behind such a photo.

"Clevedon Pier" by Steve Chatman

“Clevedon Pier” by Steve Chatman (Or When Whitespace Is Truly White)

October 01, 2013 / by

Featuring the work of photographer Steve Chatman, we discuss the importance and power of truly white whitespace in the composition of a photograph.

"Oyster Bay - New Jersey" by Dante Fratto

“Oyster Cove – New Jersey” by Dante Fratto (Or Balance Isn’t Always Obvious)

September 17, 2013 / by

The balance in this photograph by Dante Fratto isn’t readily apparent to everyone. Featuring just one of the many ways to find balance, we discuss how your brain never seems to miss a beat, even if we can’t put it into words.

"The Great Gig in the Sky" by Chris Soukup

“The Great Gig in the Sky” by Chris Soukup (Or The Environment Is Ever-Changing)

September 10, 2013 / by

Do you recognize this famous landmark? Photographer Chris Soukup demonstrates that dedication and perseverance yields great results in the ever-changing environment around an otherwise well-known scene.

"Relaxing" by Pia Cvijanovic

Remembering Summer – Common Photo Themes

September 04, 2013 / by

Remembering Summer through this common photo theme. These photos evoke the feel of summer. Featuring the works of many of our Flickr Group members.

"Christina's World" by Andrew Wyeth

Inspired By Paints: Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World”

July 23, 2013 / by

In a vacation from our typical format, we would like to feature and discuss a famous painting by American artist, Andrew Wyeth. We’ll explore and discuss why painted works can be a source of inspiration.

My favorite shot from the trip, all thanks to a fellow photographer.

How Yosemite Changed My Approach To Photography

July 11, 2013 / by

I visited a famous park once, and it changed my approach to photography. In this article, we’ll discuss some things that I learned during my excursion to Yosemite National Park last fall. But it’s not about the park. I just had to go there to learn some valuable lessons.