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It’s fun to break the rules on principal alone. But sometimes it yields more interesting results. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with natural light. In this article, we cover some areas where you can break some of these rules and get great portraits as a result.

Inspiring Photos "Chestnut Glow" by Steve Ives

Steve Ives shakes things up with “Chestnut Glow”, an interesting and mesmerizing photo taken in an otherwise uninteresting location. The difference is the light from the sun, captured at just the right moment, rendering the scene beautiful and captivating. Steve’s photo is featured to demonstrate just how powerful and beautiful light can truly be.

Inspiring Photos "Une Rose" by Yazmina-Michele de Gaye

Yazmina-Michele de Gaye brings us a unique perspective of a rose in her black & white close-up photo. The photo, this week’s inspiration, teaches us much about how important exposure is in black & white and close-up photography.

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