"Eye Portrait" by Thamer Al-Hassan

The Eyes Have It (Common Photographic Themes)

October 08, 2013 / by

This month, we explore eyes as a common theme among our Flickr pool. As one of the most emotive features of the human body, the eyes are powerful in almost every portrait. But what if the eyes are the subject alone? Read on to be inspired.

"Setting Of The Third Sun" by D. Travis North

Behind The Scenes: Setting of the Second Sun

December 14, 2012 / by

Several weeks ago, when I had been loaned the incredible Sigma APO Macro 180mm (OS) lens for our review, I got to play around with close-up and macro photography. One of my creations was the photo shown above, Setting of the Second Sun, which may just have been an excuse to play with my son’s LEGO Star Wars figures.  Close-up photography is, to me, almost zen-like.  While it is a an art that requires precision, discipline and a lot of patience, you have absolute control over every aspect of the shot.  The process behind a photograph like this is often misconstrued as something that is entirely thought up in the photographer’s mind and then with a quick setup, you have the shot.  It’s not like that at all, it’s a process.  Using this photograph as an example, I would like to take you through the process behind it’s creation.  In the end, I hope that you will have a better understanding of building a similar shot, and I hope that you garner some wisdom from my process. The Setup You have to start somewhere, so let’s start with a basic setup.  I used a piece of foam core as my ground […]

On Golden Pond aka The Eye of the Hurricane by Ken Harris (cbiiidesigns) on Flickr

Get Pushed Round 27: Featuring Ken Harris

November 30, 2012 / by

Another round of Get Pushed completed, another great set of responses. This month, we feature the response of photographer Ken Harris with his splash photography challenge. Read on to learn more about the shot and about Ken.

Sigma 180mm Macro - Controls

Sigma APO Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Lens Hands On Review

November 21, 2012 / by

We got our hands on the brand new Sigma APO Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Lens for a hands on review. Will it stand up to our scrutiny?

"Gerbera Daisies" by Ryan Shaffer

“Gerbera Daisies” by Ryan Shaffer (Or Unusual Framing For Interest)

June 19, 2012 / by

“Gerbera Daisies”, a photo by Ryan Shaffter, does not follow traditional compositional techniques and it breaks several rules along the way. But we feel that the photo is the better for it, as it is far more interesting and more aesthetically pleasing than it could be. Read on to see a large photo and learn about the power behind this photo.

"Spring Is Coming" by Djura Stankovic

Common Photographic Themes: Flowers

April 03, 2012 / by

Spring is in the air and we just want to get outside. Many of us pick up our cameras and tripods and spend these early months photographing the spring blossoms. And so this week, we thought we’d inspire you with a common photographic theme featuring our favorite close-up subject: Flowers.

"Indiana Portrait" by Owen Franssen

“Indiana Portrait” by Owen Franssen (Or Get Serious About Having Fun)

March 27, 2012 / by

Today, we present to you a very, very serious and well presented photo of a toy. Owen Franssen and his choice of subject matter is a reminder that we shouldn’t get too serious. Read on to be inspired by Owen’s work and to learn more about his photo, ‘Indiana Portrait’

"Evening Backyard Walk" by Sue Thompson

“Evening Backyard Walk” by Sue Thompson

July 13, 2010 / by

DANGER! Sue Thompson, a perennial at the Shutter Photo @ Flickr Group, has a new camera. And it hasn’t hurt her at all. We once again spotlight one of her macro photographs for this week’s inspiration. We also learn an important lesson about how equipment affects our work.


The Macro Photography of Chuck Wendig

November 16, 2009 / by

What do writers do in their spare time? They do photography. In this Photographer Spotlight, we would like to introduce you to Chuck Wendig, an established writer who has quite an eye for Macro Photography. To see some examples of his fine work, and to learn why Chuck’s work is so special, read on.

"Star Drops" by Sue Thompson

SP@Flickr – Sue Thompson’s “Star Drops”

August 18, 2009 / by

This week, we share with you the work of Sue Thompson, an inspiring all-around photographer with a knack for macro. Read on to view “Star Drops”, just one example of her talents, and see our thoughts.