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Inspiring Photos "It's All About Light" by Reina Smallenbroek

“It’s All About Light!” is the title of Reina Smallenbroek’s photograph, and that says it all. This week, we explore Reina’s photograph and how the light has not only enhanced an otherwise perfect photograph, but it has defined and characterized the photo. Read on to see how light added character to this scene.

Inspiring Photos "Two is Better Than One!" by Shobha Srinivasan

We are once again happy to feature the work of Shrobha Srinivasan, a regular contributor to the [email protected] Group and frequent inspirer of its members. This week, we would like to introduce another of her simple and elegant compositions, “Two Is Better Than One!”, as we discuss positive/negative balance in composition. Read on to be inspired and to learn about this often overlooked compositional approach.

Inspiring Photos "Sign of Depression" by Ray Rhodes

Early mornings are difficult for many of us. But a groggy, slow morning is a small trade for what photo opportunities you would otherwise miss. This week, we learn from photographer Ray Rhodes’s photograph, “Sign of Depression”, just why it’s worth waking up so early. Read on to view and learn about Ray’s inspiring photograph.

Inspiring Photos "Bridge Railing" by Djura Stankovic

This week, we feature a photo from the mind of Djura Stankovic. Using his photo to aid in our discussion, “Bridge Railings / Lindau on Lake Constance”, we explore the capabilities of shooting simple subjects and presenting them in ways that our viewers could only imagine. In photography, it’s a fine line between what is real and what is imagined. We try to push its boundaries often. Read on to learn about Djura’s photo and to be inspired.

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