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Create interesting photos through the use of slow shutter shooting techniques. In this article, we introduce you to some of our favorite slow shutter techniques so that you can have fun creating interesting photos.

Inspiring Photos "Philadelphia Water Works" by Ross Abraham

As photographers, we are attracted to the classic buildings and structures around us. As tourists, we often have difficulty trying to figure out the best way to capture such a scene in a new and unique way. That isn’t the problem that photographer Ross Abraham has. When capturing one of Philadelphia’s greatest landmarks, Ross introduced an element that is so commonly overlooked: Time. Read on to see how time enhances this photograph.

Inspiring Photos "Grand Central" by Ryan Kasak

Despite it’s well known and popular setting, Ryan Kasak’s photograph, “Grand Central”, is truly street photography brought indoors featuring a long exposure. Within the bustle of travelers, there are a few motionless subjects. Ryan’s photo teaches us that these still aspects of a long exposure are sometimes more important that the motion blur. Read on to see and learn from this week’s featured photo.

Inspiring Photos "Night Mass Biking" by Christoph Hetzmannseder

Too many times, technical rules get in the way of telling a story. The best photographers know exactly when to break those rules, provided there is a reason. Christoph Hetzmannseder is one of these skilled photographers. This week, we feature another one of his photos, “Night Mass Biking”, in a discussion about when Technically Perfect photos aren’t necessarily Aesthetically Pleasing. In other words, read on to learn how breaking the rules can result in a better photograph.

Inspiring Photos "Urban Light" by Kevin Thornhill

It’s time to break out of our comfort zones and push the (sometimes falsely) assumed limits of our camera and equipment. This week, we feature a photo, “Urban Light”, from Kevin Thornhill that teaches us that such limitations should be forgotten. Read on for Kevin’s inspiring photo as well as our take on what should not be considered impossible.

Inspiring Photos

You could shoot waterfalls with the silky smooth textures, you could freeze the water droplets in mid air. Or you could do something different, and capture waterfalls like Simon Hucko – almost as if it were a watercolor painting.

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