"Relaxing" by Pia Cvijanovic

Remembering Summer – Common Photo Themes

September 04, 2013 / by

Remembering Summer through this common photo theme. These photos evoke the feel of summer. Featuring the works of many of our Flickr Group members.

"Mt. Baldy" by David Clark

Snow – Common Photo Themes

November 13, 2012 / by

Snow is the topic of this month’s Common Photo Themes and we explore some great photos from our Flickr Group members. Be inspired by the many ways in which snow is featured in each photograph.

Mark Boyle - Over The Hedge

“Over The Hedge” by Mark Boyle (Or Sometimes Wow Is Enough)

September 04, 2012 / by

This week, we feature “Over The Hedge” by Mark Boyle in an effort to explore everyone’s favorite subject to view and capture: The Wow Moment. Using Mark’s photo, we will discuss why the Wow is often enough, and we’ll discuss some things to consider when capturing such a moment.

"Spring Is Coming" by Djura Stankovic

Common Photographic Themes: Flowers

April 03, 2012 / by

Spring is in the air and we just want to get outside. Many of us pick up our cameras and tripods and spend these early months photographing the spring blossoms. And so this week, we thought we’d inspire you with a common photographic theme featuring our favorite close-up subject: Flowers.

"The Door" by Mark (Dinky Do)

“The Door” by Mark [Dinky Do] (Or How To Use Your Wide Angle)

May 24, 2011 / by

Mark (Aka: Dinky Do) brings us a fantastic ocean-front scene that is a great demonstration on how best to use a wide angle lens. If you have not yet learned to love your wide angles, or if you simply want to be inspired as a landscape photographer, read on and observe Mark’s fantastic works.

"Day is Done" by Jane Kaltenberg

“Day Is Done” by Jane Kaltenberg

January 18, 2011 / by

Silhouette photos photos are a tried and true technique. But tweak one subtle aspect, and you get a whole new technique. Jane Kaltenberg inspires us to do just that with her photo “Day is Done”, which we spotlight this week.

Untitled (2010_09_25_15_07_33_D70_3948) by Russ Hermanson

Untitled by Russ Hermanson (2010_09_25_15_07_33_D70_3948)

October 12, 2010 / by

Russ Hermanson’s untitled photograph is the subject of this week’s photo inspiration. And not just because it’s an Autumn Photograph, which would be topical and appropriate. We’re sharing it because it’s a great photograph that just happens to be a fall photograph.


“Flowers on the Porch” by Judy Knesel

March 30, 2010 / by

Spring has sprung, and flowers are everywhere. But how does one make their flower photos stand out from the rest? Take a page from Judy Knesel’s book and explore the flora with some fun techniques. Knesel’s photo, “Flowers on the Porch” is this week’s inspirational photo.


National Parks – Great Photo Opportunities

July 10, 2009 / by

The U.S. National Parks Service – great places to visit with the family. They are also home to some of the greatest photo opportunities available in the United States. Read on to learn about their great website and plan a trip today.



February 19, 2009 / by

[singlepic=268,600,,,center] Falls & Rapids below Lake Naomi in Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania.  This was taken with my new 50mm lens (75mm with the crop factor on my camera, the Nikon D80).  I also got to use my Neutral Density filter to really slow down the shutter so that I could get the silky water.  I guess you could say it was an experiment & practice day.