No Words

November 15, 2009 / by

More of a shameless plug:  I started a new Photo Blog, No Words, as a conduit to share some of my more obscure photos taken on a regular basis.  I will be updating the site regularly, so feel free to visit regularly (or follow the feed) to see what I hope are some inspirational photos for us all.  And as the site’s name would indicate – no descriptions for any of the photos beyond a title.  It’s all about the photos.


Google Chrome – Bad for Color Profiles

June 18, 2009 / by

Google Chrome may be the fastest browser around.  But for now, it’s also the only one that dumps a color profile you may have set up with color management tools like Spyder2. As a photographer, it’s annoying when you start Chrome and everything goes blue. This is going to be a deal killer for me for a while.  This bug is reported and filed as Issue 1673.  I’ll be following closely. Update: After many months avoiding Google Chrome for this very reason, I have recently started experimenting with it again.  As of this writing (June 11, 2010), it would appear as though things are fixed on my end.  However, the issue in the bug system still remains open.  So perhaps there are still a few people experiencing the problem.  We will continue to keep you updated.


Birthdays – Enjoy Them

April 12, 2009 / by

For many years, I was somewhat annoyed by birthdays.  After my 21st (the legal drinking age here in the US), I didn’t see much point in them.  But a couple of years back, I learned that they are a reminder that every once in a while, we need to think of ourselves.  My birthday, this year, fell on Easter Sunday.  Bad luck?  I don’t think so.  I was able to get together with my entire family and had lots of photo opportunities with the easter egg hunts and all the things going on. But the point is I had fun doing everything I did today. Birthdays, no matter how old you are, are special.  If no one else is going to make it special for you, make it special for yourself.


Season’s Greetings

December 22, 2008 / by

I just wanted to take a few moments to wish everyone happy holidays – whatever you celebrate. Especially during these harsh economic times, it is sometimes hard to see the good in the world. But don’t let the times pull a dark cloud over the season. Do your best to make it joyful to at least one other person. You don’t have to give presents to spread joy. You can do a small gesture of kindness for someone and make just as much of an impact. Scrape the ice off a co-worker’s car or salt your neighbor’s sidewalk. If you have some things lying around that you aren’t using, donate them to a good cause. As a photographer, you have some unique opportunities. You can put your photojournalism hat on and document some of the goodwill or the needs around you. Memorialize the volunteers who have dedicated large portions of their time to help out in shelters and soup kitchens. Educate the masses about the poverty that exists in many places in this world. Your photograph could change the minds of just a few people, and that could make a significant change in the lives of many.


New Laptop On Order

November 23, 2008 / by

Just a quick update on the Laptop issue – and this will probably be the last of these notifications.  I ordered a new laptop which I expect before the end of this week.  Hopefully, I recieve it Wednesday so that the Holiday doesn’t mess up shipping.  That said, I should be back in action sometime next week, once I get all my backups restored and all my software installed.  Then you will hopefully see new photos from me. I thank you all again for your patience.  I really miss my workflow.


More on the Laptop Incident

November 19, 2008 / by

I wrote a post a little over a week ago (read: The Laptop Incident) about how I spilled wine into my laptop.  Well, as the weekend came around, I thought I was in the clear.  The laptop was working pretty well and I was fairly certain that I might be able to avoid having to replace it. But alas, fate has won yet again.  Last night, my laptop would make popping noises and then completely shut down.  It did this several times before I realized the battery wasn’t charging either.  While plugged into the wall, I removed the battery and the system lost power.  Normally, a plugged-in laptop doesn’t need the battery.  That tells me that the laptops electrical system is probably fried.  When the battery officially runs out, I fear that there will not be any way to power my laptop. Having reached my conclusion, I prepared to shut down.  After all, whatever time I have left (about 7 minutes) may be necessary to do any quick backups.  Figuring nothing more could happen, I started the shutdown process.  Then my power pack started to smell.  It was incredibly hot to the touch – so hot I couldn’t hold it.  […]


The Laptop Incident

November 10, 2008 / by

My productivity is likely to be slowed for a little while.  I had an incident the other night where I spilled about half a glass of wine into my laptop causing it to short out.  Unfortunately, my laptop happens to be the only machine I own that can handle Photoshop CS3.  So that seems to be putting a damper on my work flow.  I’ll probably be without a new laptop for a couple of months, at least. I will continue to update the site with new tips.  I will even try to process some of my images on my lunch breaks at work.  But I know my productivity will drop for a while and I wanted to warn you guys of it before you started to worry. Thanks for your patience.


USA – Voting

November 04, 2008 / by

Just a reminder to all Americans to go out and vote today.  It’s going to be a close election, your vote really does count.


Avoid Internet Explorer 6

October 23, 2008 / by

I keep statistics on the visitors to my site and I can definitively say that 33% of you are still using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).  You will notice that my site (and others) don’t look just right in IE6.  As much as I have tweaked my template for readability in IE6, it will at times break because of an javascript element or any number of documented flaws in IE6′s rendering engine.  It is suggested that you upgrade to a more current browser such as Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7. If you are viewing this page in IE6 – it will appear messed up.  This is not due to problems with my page – it is a problem with IE6′s inability to properly render XHTML, HTML and CSS.  But don’t take my word for it, do a Google search on ‘CSS for IE6‘, and you will see hundreds of pages and tips targeted at tricking IE6. Now, I feel that it would be unfair of me to suggest an upgrade based on readability alone.  But there are a number of security flaws that exist in IE6 as well.  For that matter, did you know that Microsoft has already stopped support […]


Ignorance Makes You Sound Moronic

September 23, 2008 / by

Slightly off-topic post today, but it is somewhat related. I was forwarded a few videos the other day from a conspiracy theorist on YouTube who has been posting videos that are allegedly proof that the government is conducting weather control experiments that could negatively affect the human race. Before I go on, please realize that I think this woman is absolutely nuts. I’ve watched at least half her videos now and there is no real science behind any of it. She just sounds crazy. Take, for example, the video below. She claims that this is not a moire effect that it wouldn’t show up on wood (again, her words).  Anyone who knows their way around any sort of camera knows that this is obviously a moire effect.  And then she talks about how moire effect doesn’t move or show directionality in more than one direction.  What?  On a video camera that is obviously not still, it would move.  And a moire effect will almost always have a curvature to it, sometimes in multiple directions or at least different arcs with varying radii. This is obviously a case of a camera with poor focal qualities. As you are all educated, especially […]