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Featured JPG: Logo

Over the past several months, we’ve been checking out a lesser photography and photojournalism community known as JPG, and now we’re ready to tell you all about it. The site has a number of unique features that are worth checking out. Read on to follow us along in our tour of the site and to hear our thoughts. It may just be the next big thing.

Found On the Web "National Geographic: Photo Of The Day

National Geographic – the widely acclaimed organization and journal – is the definitive source of photography inspiration. But even if you’re not subscribed to their iconic magazine, you can get your daily dose of National Geographic inspiration through their Photo of the Day corner of their website. Read on to learn more about the National Geographic Photo Of The Day. Prepare to be inspired.

Learning Arthur "Weegee" Fellig Self Portrait

Arthur “Weegee” Fellig, a photojournalist and street photographer, was known for his consistently clean and timely photos. When asked about his secret, he responded “f/8 and be there,” a philosophy that is now the mantra of thousands. We explore Weegee’s philosophy and help you to learn from it.

Featured "The Falling Man" by Richard Drew (Associated Press)

Ten years after the horrible attacks on September 11th – a day known to most as 9/11 – we can appreciate the importance and necessity of Photojournalism. Using 9/11 as a background for discussion, we explore the purpose of the photojournalist’s role and recognize their place in the media.

Inspiring Photos

Laura Casner is not a lazy photographer. She runs the New York Marathon and takes a camera with her!?! We think she’s crazy, but the results are fantastic. Read on to feel like you’re part of the marathon and learn from Laura’s photo.

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