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Learning What doors will be opened in the new year?

Let’s get this year off to a good start. Let’s learn and improve our photography and lets think about inspiration and upgrades. We have some tips to help you do it right.

Learning "Rail Tunnel" by D. Travis North

Photographers are a crazy bunch. Laying on the pavement, climbing trees – standing on crates just to get the right angle. We can collect some pretty interesting comments and gather a lot of strange looks. It’s inevitable. But we need to overcome. In this article, I share about my own silly experiences and how I overcame my own fears.

News PR-nextGEN

NextGEN Gallery – the leading gallery plugin for Wordpress – was recently acquired by Photocrati – a leading Wordpress template for Photographers. Read on to hear why this affects you and why we think this is great news.

Learning My current Watermark - less obtrusive than the old one

Watermarks are debated almost as much as camera brands in the photography world. Accepting that there will always be differing opinions, I share my own philosophies on the topic and then discuss the evolution of my logo to address some critical concerns.

Inspiration This was a bucket list photo that I checked off when I borrowed an ultra-wide-angle lens.

Lists are a great way to track your ideas and thoughts, but they can also be a great way to inspire yourself for the future. There are two lists I use most of all: The Photo Bucket List and the Photo Theme List. Read on to learn how to fill your down-time with these great lists.

Learning Evening With Wet Cain

A change of seasons is a good enough reason to brush up on your skills. It’s a great time to analyze your work and find some inspiration for yourself. Maybe you need to be reminded of what and why you do what you do. Well, we’ve written a lot of articles, so we know about those things. Read On to take advantage of our wisdom.

Learning "Reflections Of Inspiring Role Models" by D. Travis North

On a photo excursion outside the studio, we don’t always have control over everything. So in order to have a successful trip, you need to take control over everything you can. This requires research and planning. But how do we go about doing that? Read on to learn how.

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