"Canola Field" by Mark Knighton

“Canola Field” by Mark Knighton (Or Beauty In Excess)

September 18, 2012 / by

Mark Knighton’s photo, Canola Field, shows us the beauty in too much of something and it demonstrates the differences between the left and right brain. Read on to be inspired and learn more about super-saturating your photos with pattern and repetition.

"Aki-no-sora" by Jim Mayes

“Aki-No-Sora” by Jim Mayes (Or An Argument For Color)

January 03, 2012 / by

Against the arguments of some photographers, color isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, color can be quite powerful and equally as challenging as black & white. To prove it, we would like to introduce “Aki-No-Sora”, a photo from botanical photographer Jim Mayes, that demonstrates the delicate power that color can have.

"Orange Lily" by May Rogers

“Orange Lily” by May Rogers (Or The Power of Careful Selection)

June 28, 2011 / by

Fashion writer and designer, May Rogers, teaches us a little bit about using selective presentations to make a photograph of a typical subject stand out from the rest. Read on to learn from May’s fine example, “Orange Lily”.

"Fall in Monochrome" by Simon Hucko

“Fall in Monochrome” by Simon Hucko

October 26, 2010 / by

Who would ever think to photograph Autumn foliage, the most colorful foliage of the year, in monochrome? Simon Hucko, that’s who. This week we share with you Simon’s photograph, which has an interesting approach to the photography of fall color.

"Evening Backyard Walk" by Sue Thompson

“Evening Backyard Walk” by Sue Thompson

July 13, 2010 / by

DANGER! Sue Thompson, a perennial at the Shutter Photo @ Flickr Group, has a new camera. And it hasn’t hurt her at all. We once again spotlight one of her macro photographs for this week’s inspiration. We also learn an important lesson about how equipment affects our work.

"Waiting" by D. Travis North

My Inspiration

April 13, 2010 / by

For this week’s inspiration, I let each of our readers the opportunity to crawl inside my mind and find out samples of what inspires me and the fundamental philosophies that serve as a basis for what I consider inspiration.


Tips for Photographing Flowers

April 08, 2010 / by

Have a desire to shoot some of the spring and summer flowers? This week, we bring you a series of short tips to help you when capturing shots of your favorite flowers out in the landscape.


“Flowers on the Porch” by Judy Knesel

March 30, 2010 / by

Spring has sprung, and flowers are everywhere. But how does one make their flower photos stand out from the rest? Take a page from Judy Knesel’s book and explore the flora with some fun techniques. Knesel’s photo, “Flowers on the Porch” is this week’s inspirational photo.


Little Things

June 10, 2009 / by

I was out experimenting with my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens. Shot at 1/50 with an aperture of f/18 at 50mm focal length. Continue reading to see the full-sized image.



February 05, 2009 / by

[singlepic=263,540,,,center] Sometimes, simplicity is the solution.