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Editorial Flickr's infamous "system down" message...who is the "Bad Panda" now?

Taking yet another step away from a community-driven platform, Flickr has once again implemented changes that are less than ideal for the typical photographer. We discuss what those changes are, the fundamental flaws and the fact that Flickr clearly doesn’t care about us anymore. We’ll also take a brief moment to discuss the big picture of social media from a Photographer’s perspective.

Learning Reverse Mounted

Try as you might, your camera is a dumb piece of silicon and magnesium. It will never learn how to shoot the way you want. It’s a boring piece of gear, and you need to put an end to it. Read on and wake up to the facts, and beat your camera into submission.

Learning "Dead Wood" by D. Travis North

Photography is an art that is based on vision and intent. It is about attitude, regardless of your equipment. We can blame the layman, but we are equally to blame. Find out why, read on.