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Learning Timmy

“Chimping” is the art of checking one’s camera back after a shot, be it to verify the shot or to simply admire ones own talents as a photographer. The practice is shunned by many experienced photographers. But should it be? Are we really all just grumpy old salts? Let’s revisit this, shall we? Read on…

Learning feeling_blue

We are each unique, in part because of the experiences and memories that we’ve had. These memories can drive us, affect our work and inspire us to be a certain way. If you have such a story, we want to hear about it. Read one of my memories, than share yours.

Inspiration 837127_question_mark

We often like to discuss what motivates and inspires us. This week, the tables have been turned: We want to know what ultimately drives you? What topic is the source of your inspiration and motivation?

Found On the Web

Many of us have been talking of doing photo projects for the new year. For example, I will be doing a Photo 365 Project called No Words. Other’s have mentioned casually that they were doing similar projects – either in comments here at Shutter Photo, on Flickr or via Twitter. I of course would like to follow as many of your projects as possible, and I’m sure others would like to do the same. So if you are doing a Photo 365 project, or something similar, reply to to this post and tell us where we can find it. Feel free to mention your blogs and websites as well.

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