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Taking yet another step away from a community-driven platform, Flickr has once again implemented changes that are less than ideal for the typical photographer. We discuss what those changes are, the fundamental flaws and the fact that Flickr clearly doesn’t care about us anymore. We’ll also take a brief moment to discuss the big picture of social media from a Photographer’s perspective.

Featured "London Big Ben" by Shreya (Shreya59)

The Get Pushed Group on Flickr has earned a special place in our pages in the form of a monthly round-up. This first installment serves to introduce our readers to the group, and to the new column. Be prepared to be challenged and inspired.

Found On the Web "Impatient For The End" by D. Travis North

I’m about to introduce you to a Flickr group known as Get Pushed. It’s a challenge oriented group that really got me thinking outside of the box. I of course want to tell you all about my experiences, but I also want to show you just how beneficial sub-cultures, like this group, can be for your photography. Read on to hear about my adventures in the Get Pushed group.