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Learning When working in conditions like these, RAW really helps you maintain control and push the envelope.

RAW is a file format that most digital cameras support. It’s the preferred format of many photographers. We’ll explore why in this article.

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NextGEN Gallery – the leading gallery plugin for Wordpress – was recently acquired by Photocrati – a leading Wordpress template for Photographers. Read on to hear why this affects you and why we think this is great news.

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Some of the best outdoor shots are accomplished during the ever-changing sunsets and sunrises. Figuring out when the sun rises or sets requires planning, but Sundroid – an app for Android Phones – can help you calculate the precise time.

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So you’ve hit that point where your files have become too numerous to manage, and you really need a tool to help you out. Photo Mechanic just happens to be such a tool, and we got our hands on a copy to review. In true Shutter Photo fashion, we’ve played with it as much as we can, and we have a lot of features to introduce to you, and a lot of thoughts. Read on to hear what we have to say.

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Who says you have to pay for the best software? Not the Open Source community, who has created one of the best photo editing tools which also happens to be a free download: GIMP. To learn more about GIMP, read on.

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In his book, “Camera Raw 101: Better Photos with Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom”, Jon CAnfield teaches us everything we need to know about Adobe Camera RAW – the widely coveted conversion tool for RAW photographers. To see what you can expect from the book and to read what Shutter Photo thinks of the book, read on.

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