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Featured 2013-02--smwm-15

The new Kata Digital Rucksack 466-DL is an improvement over the 466i, a bag we already loved. After several weeks in our care, we share with you our review and thoughts on the bag. Is it better than it’s predecessor? Read on to find out.

Featured The Luma Loop Lanyard

The Luma Loop sling style camera strap was one of our favorite products over a year ago. But Luma Labs significantly improved their design and provided one for our review. We were blown away with the quality and design of the revised design. Read on for a full review and comparison to its predecessor.

Featured DSC_2129

There’s a new light modification system in town from ExpoImaging, the makers of the ExpoDisc. The product line, the Rogue FlashBenders, can be bent into a number of different shapes, giving you ultimate control. Shutter Photo reviewed the whole line in this in-depth review.

Featured My set:  50 standard business cards on 100% recycled paper

Even if you only sell a couple of photos a year, business cards are still the calling card for any small businessman. Moo makes customized business cards at affordable rates – something all creative minds would appreciate. Read on to hear our thoughts and why we love Moo.

Featured Everything included in the package

There are several products aimed at solving White Balance problems in your photography, including the ExpoDisc. We were fortunate enough to get a hold of one temporarily to review. To see what we think and to learn all about the ExpoDisc, read on.