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Featured "Christmas Train" by D. Travis North

A model railroad under a Christmas tree – a planned out photograph that took a lot of thought and effort. Follow along as I discuss the entire process from start to finish while constructing and building this photograph. Read on for some behind-the-scenes shots and explanations of the entire process.

Inspiring Photos "Lines" by Sue Thompson

This week, we discuss Sue Thompson’s “Line”, which is named after and features one of our most basic building blocks of design. The photo inspires us to get back to the basics and simplify. Read on to see our thoughts and what we’ve learned from this photo.

Learning 7378010-R1-033-15

Have a desire to shoot some of the spring and summer flowers? This week, we bring you a series of short tips to help you when capturing shots of your favorite flowers out in the landscape.

Inspiring Photos

This week, we feature an urban photograph from Stormdog titled “96th Street Subway Platform” which exhibits a great use of repetition and vanishing points. Read on to see the photograph, our thoughts and learn what can be learned from Stormdog’s great photo.

Inspiring Photos YIP 50.09 by Kate Winslow

Kate Winslow’s photograph, YIP 50.09, is a great example of the use of chaotic pattern and texture in close-up photography. There is a lot to be commended in the shot, and there is certainly a lot to learn. Read on to learn more.


[singlepic=275,600,,,center] I snapped this shot while sitting at a traffic signal.  This sign was hung…

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