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Inspiring Photos "Lost Shoe" by Christoph Hetzmannseder

This week, we learn from the work of Christoph Hetzmannseder just how important it is to consider your audience. In short, it is easier to connect with fellow photographers. But how do you connect with everyone else? One way is to tell a simple story. Christoph’s photo, “Lost Shoe”, tell’s such a story. We will explore the photo and learn from his fine example.

Inspiring Photos "Pearl Tower, II" by Mark Heath

When composition alone isn’t enough, sometimes some contextual cues can help us to tell a simple story and create a great photograph. That’s the lesson we learn this week with Mark Heath’s inspirational photograph, “Pearl Tower, II”, in which he uses focusing techniques to offer context and story line to the photograph. Read on to be inspired by Mark’s work, and to learn how you can improve your simple compositions with some context.


Wide angle lenses aren’t just for fitting the world into your lens, they’re also great for shooting close-up. Read on to learn the benefits of shooting close with wide angle lenses, and learn some tips about using them in this manner.