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Don’t let the loose framework of a photowalk be cause for uninspired photography. Get the best by setting specific goals. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of a focused plan and we’ll share some tips on how you can set some goals and get the most out of your next photowalk.

Get Pushed

Times Square is perhaps not the easiest location to shoot, especially in the middle of traffic, but Ari Friedman’s contribution for Get Pushed pulled it off quite well. Through Ari’s patience and his work with layering of multiple photos, the finished image is stunning. Rachel Interviews Ari on the photo and his process.

Inspiring Photos

A street photographer’s challenge comes down to split seconds – capturing the right ones is the challenge. This week, we highlight a photo from Carlina (carlina999) who squeezed the trigger at just the right time. Read on to hear our thoughts and be inspired.

Common Photo Themes "People Climbed Into The Night" by Brian Day

Night has the ability to isolate a figure, paint a scene with fear and generate a scene creepier than any other. This month, we feature five of these great nighttime compositions featuring people moving through the darkness. Read on for five great and inspiring examples of such a setting and scene.

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